The Pros of Being a Failed Foster

Lovable petsFostering animals is a common practice of rescues and shelters. People temporarily open their lives and houses to pets in need until those animals find their forever homes. It's a wonderful process, with many benefits, including:

1. It saves adoptable animals from possible death at an overcrowded shelter.
2. It gives the animals a happy home, as opposed to a crowded shelter environment, while they await to be adopted.
3. It gives the foster parent the experience of having a pet without the long-term commitment.
4. It allows the foster family to learn the animal's personality so they can better match them with a forever family.

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However, it's also a difficult process, as a foster parent often becomes attached to the pet in their care, making it hard to part ways when the time comes. In fact, sometimes they can't. Dancing With the Stars judge and animal advocate Carrie Ann Inaba admits that she is a "failed foster."

What is that? "It means, I've adopted both my fosters," she explained to us. "Both dogs were fosters but the connection was real and it felt right for all of us. So, my failure is still a success."

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"I have spent a lot of time talking with rescuers about this topic and yes, it is difficult to say goodbye," she added. "But if you have found a better place for your animal -- a home where they get the attention they need and love they want and all the care they deserve, then it makes it a little easier to say goodbye. I guess because in a way, for them they are saying hello to a better life which is what we all want for them."

Carrie Ann Inaba is also the host of Crib Cat, an online show featuring adoptable cats in need of their forever homes. Check it out here.

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