Puppy Survives Ride in Car’s Engine

By Amy Sinatra Ayres

Rescue Crew Frees Stuck Pup A couple drove about four miles in South Florida on Thursday, and when they parked, they discovered that a puppy was stuck under the hood of their PT Cruiser.

Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue crews responded and quickly freed the dog from in between the car's steering mechanism and one of its axles. "They worked like an Indy 500 pit crew," said spokesman Mike Jachles. "In less than two minutes they had the wheel up, had some parts apart, and were able to extricate the dog without injury."

Officials still aren't sure whether the puppy was a stray, or how he wound up in the car's engine, but said he didn't appear to have outward injuries. After it was rescued, the pup was given water and taken to a vet. - Watch it at NBC Miami
Like I always say, "Lose the risk, keep the pet."

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