Puppy Trapped in Drain for 9 Days is Freed

By Amy Sinatra Ayres

Twitter / LindsayNBC5 -- This Lab mix puppy was rescued after spending more than a week at the bottom of a Dallas …A Lab mix puppy found in a Dallas storm drain was rescued on Monday by Dallas fire-rescue and animal control officers. He was cold and hungry, but otherwise OK, officers said.

Teacher Lynda Roth said he was one of a large litter of puppies born under her nearby portable classroom, and she believed he'd been stuck in the drain since Nov. 16.

Crews had tried to rescue the pup before without luck, but on Monday, they brought in cameras and a trap, and were able to bring him out safely. "We finally got a trap down there, and he went in it pretty quickly," Cate McManus of Dallas Animal Services told Today. The puppy's mom and dad were pacing nearby, and officers said they'd return to the area on Tuesday to try to reunite the family and find them homes if it's determined that they're adoptable.- Watch it at NBC Dallas-Fort Worth

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