Rare Owl Stolen from Sanctuary

By Amy Sinatra Ayres

Sherman, a rare tawny owl, was taken from the Raptor House sanctuary in Washington.Police are searching for a 14-year-old tawny owl who was taken from the Raptor House in Selah, Wash., on Friday. The bird, nicknamed Sherman for the Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, became a resident of the Washington sanctuary about five years ago, after arriving from a St. Louis, Mo., facility.

Shannon Dalan, who runs the Raptor House with his wife, said someone took a lock off the building where Sherman lives, removed latches and unhooked leashes to remove him. "This bird is rare," Dalan said. "They knew what they were looking for.

The person who stole it walked past other, native birds." Sherman is glove-trained and regularly appears in the sanctuary's educational programs. Anyone with information on the missing owl is asked to contact the Yakima County Sheriff's Office.- Read it from the AP

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