Record-Holding Colonel Meow Dies at Age 2

By Amy Sinatra Ayres

Guinness World Records -- Colonel Meow's 9-inch fur put him in the 2014 edition of the …The Himalayan-Persian mix cat who had thousands of Internet fans and held a world record for his long fur died on Wednesday.

"Colonel Meow passed away yesterday evening. I will post more about the details when I've had a few days to grieve," read a post on his Facebook page Thursday. "Thank you so much for your understanding, Minions."

The 2-year-old cat had won the hearts of thousands with his online persona as a dictator - and referred to his fans as Minions. Owned by Ann Avery and Eric Rosario, he was hospitalized last year, just two months after he appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records with the title Longest Fur on a Cat. Condolences poured in on the cat's Facebook page. "May he dominate the afterlife and submit all there to his will," wrote one Minion. - Get updates on Colonel Meow's Facebook Page

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