Reverse Goldilocks: Baby Bear Enters Home, Finds Chocolate Cake to Be ‘Just Right’

An orphaned bear cub has been transferred to a zoo after entering a home and eating the homeowners' chocolate cake.An orphaned bear cub has been transferred to a zoo after entering a home and eating the homeowners' chocolate  …You know what's worse than waking up and finding a bear in your house? Waking up and finding a bear in your house eating your chocolate cake.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department was called in when homeowners in Sonoita, Arizona, reported waking up to a sneaky little bear munching in their house. The black bear cub had entered the home through an open window.
No information was given on whether the bear tried any other snacks before settling on the chocolate cake, nor whether he had tried out different chairs.

Since there was no sign of an adult bear in the area, Game and Fish removed the cub and transferred the orphaned bear to the Heritage Park Zoo in Prescott. The zoo plans to keep the cub for future exhibit, the Game and Fish Department said in a statement.

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The combination of last year's fires and ongoing drought has resulted in a scarcity of natural food sources for bears in southeastern Arizona, the statement said. Area residents were warned against leaving any food or trash unsecured - including orchard fruit and pet and bird food - as this may attract wildlife to residential areas. Bears have a keen sense of smell and can quickly grow accustomed to human-provided food sources, potentially leading to conflicts with bears that come into human-occupied areas.

Arizona is home to an estimated 2,500 black bears, the only bear species found in the state. Black bears may be brown, cinnamon or blonde colored. They can weigh between 125 to 400 pounds and are most active at dawn and dusk.

- By Joslyn Gray
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