Rock-A-Bye, Bunny...7 Adorable Pictures of Sleepy Rabbits

Sleepy rabbitsSleepy rabbitsWhen the summer heat hits, I've never really been able to function. Especially when it's really humid outside (like it was here, today) -- all I want to do is sleep. Yes, I just want to lay down on the big, comfy couch and take long, relaxing afternoon nap.

We can't be the only ones who feel this way in the icky weather, right? Definitely not -- our pets also get mid-afternoon urge to zonk out, and without the worries of husbands, kids and other chores stopping them -- what's stopping them? They're definitely the luckier ones, here!

Check out these 7 adorable pictures of sleepy rabbits:

Floppy dreamsFloppy dreams1. Floppy Dreams
This cutie pie is seeing fields of carrots already...

Bucket napBucket nap2. Bucket Nap
Hey, sometimes there's no better place to take a snooze than a plastic tub.

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Out coldOut cold3. Out Cold
Maybe someone should poke this guy in an hour to make sure he's still just napping...

Yawn...Yawn...4. Yawn...
Poor little guy's eyes are watering because he's so tired. I think it's time for a little snooze.

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Super sleepy!Super sleepy!5. Super sleepy!
Can you tell this rabbit is ready to knock out?

Baby bunnyBaby bunny6. Baby Bunny Go Beddy-Bye
Awww...! It's like this little one is trying to resist with every ounce of its little body to stay awake!

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GoodnightGoodnight7. Goodnight!
It's sleepy time, mom! I don't think I can hold on anymore!

- By Devan McGuinness
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