Ruff Rockers: 7 Awesome Album Covers Featuring Dogs

Ruff Rockers: 7 Awesome Album Covers Featuring DogsRuff Rockers: 7 Awesome Album Covers Featuring DogsNow when you think about rock 'n roll cover art you probably think of hot babes, fast cars, leather, and guitars -- but some artists don't go for such conventional and clichéd imagery. These musicians are so confident in their coolness that they proudly feature a pup on their cover instead. And, really, who doesn't love a dog?

We're talking Pugs, St. Bernards, and Beagles, engaging in jumping, kissing, and, of course, looking adorable.

Captain and Tennill1. Captain and Tennille
Captain & Tennill featured their beloved Bulldogs
-- Broderick & Elizabeth -- on the cover of their album, "Love Will Keep Us Together." They even wrote a song about one of the dogs called, "Broddy Bounce."
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Barbara StreisandBarbara Streisand2.
Barbara Streisand
Streisand? She's a dog person. For her album "Songbird," she posed with her beloved poodle Sadie who was, "a gift from the cast of her Broadway musical hit Funny Girl back in the 1960′s."
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Sublime's Bradley Nowell (the deceased singer and guitarist of the band) had apparently adopted an abused dalmatian puppy from a shelter and named him "Louie" after his grandfather. Also referred to as "Lou Dog," the dog became something of a mascot for the band." He also appeared on several covers.
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Belle & Sebastian4. Belle & Sebastian
I once bought this album because it had a Beagle on the cover and it reminded me of our own Beagle, Boise. Yeah, it's a cute dog. Here the pup is posed with band member Sarah Martin.
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Norah JonesNorah Jones5. Norah Jones
Norah Jones may look amazing on the cover, but it's hard not to just stare at that adorable St. Bernard. Norah Jones spoke about the cover saying, "She wanted to use a bunch of dogs because she likes working with animals. I thought it sounded fun. We ended up just loving the Saint Bernard so much that we got some shots with just him. He was so beautiful."
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Cats & DogsCats & Dogs6. Cats & Dogs
The album "This Life" by the band Cats & Dogs is pretty much the cutest record cover -- like ever.
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WeezerWeezer7. Weezer
Did I save the best for last? I may have! This Weezer cover is awesome. Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo spotted this photo in National Geographic (from user submitted images) and thought it would be a great album cover. The band contact photographer Jason Neely of Middletown, Conn. who told them something very surprising. Sydney -- the dog in the photos -- is a big Weezer fan!
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- By Sunny Chanel
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