Scruff Enough: Morning Zoo November 7 2011

Blue-tongue lizards, sphynxes, and more at the New Zealand Pet Expo. (Dominion Post)

It sure affects my pets, who start howling for dinner an hour earlier (which is already two hours earlier than they should). How could the switch for Daylight Savings affect your pet? (Yahoo! News)

Either this little guy wanted to run the NYC Marathon, or he wanted to run...away. Anywhere with no Baby Bjorn he had to ride in. (Gothamist)

Tired of taking a claw to the forearm when you pick up your cat? Five tips for "scratchless snuggles." (PetSugar)

Ten ways to upgrade your dog's life. (Lifehacker)

Your adoptable pet du jour comes from Crystal Lake, IL -- a scrumptious little squashling named Zucchini. She's a baby bunny, and she needs a home! (Adopt-a-Pet)

Too Cute is the epic journey of three litters of puppies and kittens. I don't know about you guys, but they had me at "Too." (Animal Planet)

A 14-year-old Czech agility trainer and her cat. (Pet Project)

The winners of the ASPCA's America's Funniest Dogs contest. (ASPCA)

Jub Jub the St. Bernard balances anything -- anything -- on his nose. (Daily Tail)