Shaken Not Stirred: Morning Zoo October 25 2011

Gather 'round the campfire -- or iPod -- for a series of spooky pet tales, with the Paranormal Pets podcast. (Pet Life Radio)

With a new baby on the way, you've got a lot to do -- but take time out from wrestling with the crib instructions to prep your pets for the new arrival. (And check out our partner's tips on three common mistakes new-parent pet owners make, too. Not to freak you out unduly or anything.) (Oregon Live)

Meet Henry James, the therapy dog who works Mineta San Jose International Airport. (NBC Bay Area)

Nobody likes the cone of shame -- unless a clever owner converts it into a martini costume! (Also shown: a "Pupto Bismol" costume, for the inevitable martini aftermath.) (FIDO Friendly)

Today's adoptable pets du jour: Bertha and Limerick, a bonded pair of Siamese cats. San Franciscans, check 'em out. (PetWave)

Furminator is rolling out a sort of combo bathrobe/Snuggie product; share your bathtime story, and you could win one for yourself! Well, for your dog. (I assume. No judgments.) (Dogster)

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber adopted a husky mix in Winnipeg over the weekend -- from a shelter. Good for her. And the dog is named something reasonable: "Baylor." Double good for her. (People Pets)

You may have read about Blue Gene, the IBM project that aims to map and simulate the human brain. You may not have heard that IBM's cognitive computing research group has already simulated other brains, including those of mice, rats -- and cats. So many jokes about how much of the feline cerebral cortex is devoted to sensing when the alarm is set for, and waking you four minutes little time. (Scientific American)