Sit, Stay, Spa: 7 Pet-Friendly Hotel Chains for You and Your Furry Friend

Pet Friendly HotelsPet Friendly HotelsTraveling with your pet can be stressful. Not only do you need to be concerned with travel gear and safety, but you also have to be sure that your pet is welcome wherever you stay. Hotel policies often vary widely, but there are some hotel chains that tend to be more consistently pet-friendly than others. I find that knowing which chains normally allow pets makes my travel planning much easier. I simply narrow my hotel searches to those chains and then check individual policies from there.

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The following list features hotel chains that have general pet-friendly policies, with my personal comments on those I have stayed at. While it is possible that any given hotel might go against the chain's policy, these are all chains where you can be relatively confident that they will allow pets.
Be sure to check with the individual hotel that you are interested in to verify that they do indeed allow pets and to learn of any restrictions or extra costs. For example, it is common for hotels to charge extra per pet, limit the number or size of pets, and require that pets not be left alone in the room. Most will allow only cats and dogs, while some restrict cats yet permit dogs.

1. Drury Hotels
Drury Hotels are my favorite pet-friendly choice, and I have chosen them on multiple occasions. All Drury Hotels are pet-friendly as long as state and local laws permit them, and the hotels tend to be quite comfortable at a decent value. Drury also offers benefits such as a free cocktail hour and breakfast, along with indoor pools, fitness centers, and comfortable beds.

2. Comfort Suites
Comfort Suites, which is part of the Choice Hotels Group, tends to be universally pet-friendly. Every single one I have stayed at advertised a pet-friendly policy, and I find Comfort Suites to be particularly comfortable hotels. Choice Hotels also owns a number of other establishments that often welcome pets. In particular, Sleep Inn seems to consistently allow pets, as does Rodeway and the regular Comfort Inn.

3. Best Western
Best Western bills themselves as a leader in pet-friendly accommodations and, outside of a few resort properties, I don't think I have ever seen a Best Western that did not allow pets. The chain advertises as being dog-friendly and notes that some locations restrict cats. Given that Best Western is an extremely large chain, knowing that they are likely to allow your pet is good information to have when traveling. Best Western is often considered a budget hotel, although they do operate some premium properties.

4. Wingate By Wyndham
Most Wingate hotels are pet-friendly. If you like a bit more upscale chain, this is often a good choice. I find that the beds are super comfortable at Wingate hotels, and the amenities are great as well. The hotels feature indoor pools, breakfast, and more. However, they tend to be a bit on the pricier side for easily accessible chains. Wyndham also owns Super 8, which is a more affordable option and next on the list of pet-friendly chains.

5. Super 8
Many Super 8 locations accept pets. One of my favorite pet-friendly hotel experiences was at a Super 8 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The hotel included a welcome kit for my dog that had plastic food and water bowls, dog treats, poop bags, and a welcome letter. It was a nice touch. Super 8 also tends to be quite affordable, although I tend to prefer to stay at slightly higher end hotels just to get a consistently more comfortable bed.

6. Residence Inn by Marriott
Most Residence Inn hotels allow pets. As a hotel that focuses on suites, Residence Inn is great for extended stays, family stays, or for extra comfort. However, the price does tend to be higher. Marriott also welcomes pets at some of their other hotels, with Fairfield Inn being fairly consistent. They have a particularly good pets page that allows you to search for pet-friendly hotels across the entire Marriott brand.

7. La Quinta
La Quinta allows pets at most of their hotels nationwide, although you must check with the individual hotels for their full policy.

Enjoy your travels, and be safe!

- By Carleen Coulter
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