Soldier Reunited with Dog on TV

Emma the dog welcomes home her owner, Capt. Jessamyn Jempson. Emotional Reunion on Talk Show Capt. Jessamyn Jempson …Capt. Jessamyn Jempson finally had the moment she was waiting for - on TV. The veteran was reunited with Emma, her Rhodesian Ridgeback, on an episode of the Queen Latifah Show that aired Wednesday.

When she was being deployed, the soldier had turned to Dogs on Deployment for help. The group supports the troops by boarding their pets, and found Emma a foster mom, Sylvia, to care for the dog while Jempson was away.

The program was featured on Wednesday's show, and cameras were rolling as Emma was brought on stage to see Jempson for the first time in a year. There was so much going on in the studio that it took the pooch a few moments to realize who she was there to see. But once Emma got it, she couldn't contain her kisses and tail wagging. - Watch it on YouTube and read Vetstreet's coverage of Dogs on Deployment

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