Speak for yourself: Would you hang a portrait of your pet?

Photo Credit: Apartment TherapyPhoto Credit: Apartment TherapyIn the age of pet clothes and $330-mechanical litter box monitors, dog spas and canine face lifts, one has to wonder if the "man's best friend" of olden times would even recognize his modern counterpart. Would he feel slighted (or relieved) that he never received such pampering? Has the relationship between man and pup changed? Is this anthropomorphism run amok? This all brings me to another issue that has come up in our indulgent, post-Paris Hilton age: The proliferation of pet portraitists. Now, I am the kind of person who would probably be into a kitschy paint-by-numbers portrait of my pet, but I'll put all kinds of silly crap on my walls without batting an eye. I want to know if the rest of you (normal folks) would ever commission and hang a portrait of your own four-legged family member? Or do you stop at, say, the occasional snapshot tacked to the fridge? Comment away!
[paint-by-numbers via Apartment Therapy]

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