Teams Try to Help Moore, Okla. Animals After Devastation

By Amy Sinatra Ayres

Nova, who was lost during Monday's tornado, is happily reunited with his owner.At least 51 people were killed in the massive tornado that struck Moore, Okla., on Monday afternoon, wiping out entire neighborhoods and two elementary schools. Although the storm missed areas with larger ranches, reports the LA Times, smaller ranches like the Orr Family Farm were devastated. Amid the destruction are stories of relief, like a Moore woman who was headed to work but turned around to ride out the storm in her bathtub with her dog. As the victims try to pick up the pieces, many groups are jumping in to care for lost pets and try to reunite them with their owners. Below is a roundup of some existing organizations that are helping, as well as some Facebook groups that have sprung up to help.

Meanwhile, ABC News has a listing of how to help tornado victims, and K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs is preparing a team to respond to the crisis when it's safe to do so.

Check back with Vetstreet for more coverage of how animals are faring after the tornado.

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