The 2003 National Dog Show Best in Show judging

The 2003 National Dog Show Presented by Purina featured two previous finalists in the ring during the Best in Show class: the Standard Poodle, 2002 NDS winner; and the Doberman Pinscher, who took the '03 crown.

The 2003 finalist group also had a Toy Poodle with the same cut as the Standard (co-host John O'Hurley hilariously compares the pair to a yacht and a "dinghy").

Breed You'll Want: The Norfolk Terrier, a high-energy and compact dog often identified as "the Benji dog" (the original Benji, at least, was a mixed breed).

Cool Fact: Poodles must sport one of three approved cuts at AKC shows. The cut on the Toy and Standard Poodles in the 2003 finals is called the Continental clip. The other two clips are the English Saddle; and the Second Puppy (also known as the Scandinavian).

Useful Term: "The bite." Self-explanatory, but not all breed standards are the same when it comes to what the judge is looking for. Coonhounds, for instance, should have a scissor bite. In a Pug, meanwhile, a judge will look for an "undershot" bite.

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