Cat tuxedo by Etsy seller SnoopCattyCatt. Photo courtesy of Etsy.comCat tuxedo by Etsy seller SnoopCattyCatt. Photo courtesy of Etsy.comWe always see fun costumes for dogs, but what about a fetching ensemble for our favorite felines? Well, truth be told, most kitties can't stand wearing outfits-they're clearly above dressing up for your amusement. But what about a dapper tuxedo? A pleated shirt and bow tie are pretty hard to resist, and the stretchy, adjustable collar won't interfere with your cat's everyday prowling. Fancy Feast for two, anyone?

The bow ties are available in a wide range of colors and patterns from Etsy seller SnoopCattyCat. Whether dressing your cat for Halloween, a kitty fashion show, or a fine dining experience at home, pick up your cat tuxedo for $19.

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