Most popular and kookiest pet names of 2011

Petfinder has come out with their master list of 2011 pet names, including the most popular names for dogs and cats -- and extra categories for the weird ("Purr-etzle") and the celebrity-based ("Katy Purry"). Petfinder pulled both common and kooky names from their database, the largest one online of adoptable pets, and you won't see many surprises among the top names; "Buddy" held the top spot for dog names for the 5th year in a row, while "Lucy" took top honors among cats (and 4th place with dogs).

Shine gets an exclusive sneak peek at VPI's list of most popular dog names

Other names popular with both species: "Max" (2nd for dogs; 9th for cats); the possibly-Twilight-themed "Bella" (4th for dogs; 3rd for cats); "Daisy" (3rd for dogs; 7th for cats); "Charlie"; and "Molly." And it looks like the tradition of naming -- or letting the kids name -- black-and-white cats "Oreo" remains alive and well, with the name coming in 6th on the cat list. (Black cats made a slightly poorer showing, with "Midnight" ranking 10th.)

Don't think people didn't get creative with their pet names last year, though. Petfinder's list also includes selections submitted by more than 300 shelters across the U.S., and features such naming gems as "Blue Sparkles McGillicutty," "Fluff Dog Millionaire," and "Jimmy Chews." (Looks like somebody lost a pricey pair of pumps to her adopted hound...)

And celeb names like "Brad the Pit [Bull]," "Cindy Clawford" (and the canine equivalent, "Cindy Dogford"), and our favorite, Barry Meow-nilow, also show up on Petfinder's list.

Think sticking with classics like "Sadie" and "Tiger" is a good idea? You might be right. Then again, "L.L. Bean" is a shelter pet who really benefited from his unusual moniker. Or "Breakfast," the goldfish I bought at Woolworth's, somehow lived for three years. And what about all those lady pets that ended up named "Kevin" after Pixar's Up came out a couple of years ago? (Maybe that was just my family.) Or how all the dogs in my hometown seemed to be named "Wheaties"?

Got a strange, silly, or celebrity pet name you're proud of (or embarrassed by)? How many of you have named a pet Max, Buddy, or Lucy? Talk to us in the comments, or hit us on Twitter!

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