Treating Your Pets to Treats: Dos and Dont's

Every dog deserves a bone once in a while, and every cat a bit of nip. After all, isn't giving your pet a treat one of the highlights of pet ownership - and one of the simple pleasures in life? But it's important to think twice before tossing Fido some scraps from the dinner table or just grabbing a bag of treats from the sale bin.

With the help of this infographic courtesy of eBay Classifieds, we take a look at what commonly found ingredients you should avoid, ranging from preservatives and artificial colors to fillers and byproducts. Then we share some simple ways to swap out potentially dangerous foods for naturally healthy ones. For example, did you ever consider making your pet's food? It's very healthy and fairly easy. Follow some of these tips, and we bet your pet will thank more ways than one.

Graphic Courtesy of eBay Classifieds