Veterans Day: Morning Zoo November 11 2011

With thanks to all our men and women in uniform, past and present.

Kathy Blumenstock investigates the "Dogs of Defense" -- the official agency tasked with training WWII sentry dogs. (PetMD)

President Obama's summit with Cairo, the Seal Team 6 dog that joined the raid on bin Laden's compound. (Global Animal)

Donald F. Smith, DVM explores the role of horses, mules, and their veterinarians in wartime. (Veterinary Legacy)

How dogs help veterans adjust to life back home. (Daily Tail)

Check out the Dog Tags program, which matches disabled vets with specially trained assistance Labradors and golden retrievers. (Petside)

A great pic of a valued K-9 member of an armed forces unit. (Paw Nation)

And today's adoptable pet du jour is a miniature poodle named Sarge. He'd love to capture your heart if you live near Melbourne, FL! (Adopt-a-Pet)

And speaking of adoptable pets, today is the last day of National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. Want to lend a hand or donate money? You can find your local shelter by searching here.