We're Running Out of Corgis

(Newser) - In a serious threat to adorable viral videos, it appears corgis are facing the dog-breed equivalent of endangerment.

With just 241 Pembroke Welsh Corgis registered this year, the breed is currently on Britain's Kennel Club's "at watch list": if 300 aren't registered by January, they'll be considered a "vulnerable native breed," the New York Post reports.

Pembroke Welsh CorgiAnd reaching 300 "looks unlikely," the Kennel Club says of Queen Elizabeth's favored breed, per AFP. So what's hurting corgis' numbers? According to the Telegraph, it could be the matter of tail-docking, banned in Britain in 2007.

Apparently breeders don't like the full-tail look: "We have lost a lot of our big kennels. A lot have just given up," despite demand for the dogs, says a breeder.

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