Whiskerslist is like Craigslist, but for Cats

This cat could use your helpThis cat could use your helpWhere do cats go to buy used yarn or to find those missed connections from the vet's office? The feline version of Craigslist, of course.

The humorous website Whiskerslist combines two of the Internet's favorite things - cats and Craigslist - and is the invention of cat blogger Angie Bailey.

Whiskerslist provides cat lovers with a window into what Web-savvy cats might do if they got their paws on the computer mouse.

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The site has numerous classifieds on such subjects as "housing: boxes and bags" and "personals: neutered seeking spayed."

The full collection of 160 kitty classifieds is available in Bailey's new book, "Whiskerslist, the Kitty Classifieds."

Classifieds include tales of felines like Hector, a lovelorn tabby looking for love, as well as discussions on rodent regifting and an online support group for recovering show cats. Check out some of our favorite Whiskerslist posts.

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