Why does my cat smell like that?

From the PurinaCare® Pet Health Library

If your cat is an outdoor cat and you begin to notice an unpleasant (ok, a really nasty) odor that trails behind him everywhere he goes, it's time to do a little investigation. You need to scoop him up and gently but firmly give him a good petting, all over his body. I say gently but firmly because you're not really petting him, you're seaching for an abscess.

Cats that roam outdoors are most likely to get abscesses because they encounter other cats and since cats are very territorial, they will engage in loud, fierce fights - sometimes so loud that they wake up the neighbors!

This article in the Pet Health Library says, "During fights, cats inflict deep bite wounds that inject bacteria from the mouth into the internal tissues. Cat bite wounds frequently become infected and abscessed. An abscess is a pocket of infection that the body has walled off."

Here's the rub (pun intended) - because abscesses are often covered over by the cat's fur, they may be invisible to the naked eye. You may not know your cat has an abscess until it becomes so infected the wound begins oozing, which is where that horrible smell comes from. Before that happens, your cat may show signs of lethargy (laying around, not acting his usual self), and/or a loss of appetite. Those two symptoms are always reasons to check your cat, and consider a visit to the vet.

Be aware that an abscess is a serious wound. Though it may go away by itself, it's highly likely your cat will get another one, and another one - and without treatment by your vet, this can cause serious consequences. As noted in the article, "Cats typically require anesthesia for initial drainage and cleansing of the infected area. All of the pus and dead tissue will be removed. The wound is encouraged to heal without trapping bacteria under the skin again... Drains may be placed temporarily under the skin."

Once at home, care includes washing with a warm, wet cloth and giving antibiotics.

If you notice that your cat has a foul smell about him, do the gentle petting exam. If he has an abscess, take him in to the vet. If you want him to be outdoors, you might want to consider pet health insurance. So, when he comes home wounded, you won't have to worry about the cost of that vet visit. Your pet health insurance will help cover it. Also, be aware that cat fights spread diseases that could be deadly to your cat.

Or, another option, why not keep your cat indoors? Provide toys and indoor play areas. Give him a window to look out. Keep him safe from the trauma of a cat fight, or worse. Consider spaying or neutering.

As for us, Wabby is an indoor cat. Our previous cat was an outdoor cat - mostly because he was so good at scooting out the door whenever anyone opened it! And, he developed quite a few bad abscesses. For me, that was good enough reason to become a pet Mom who keeps her cat indoors.

Have you experienced this? Do you keep your cat(s) indoors? Tell us why or why not.