Yes, There is Now a Facebook for Cats

Facebook for CatsFacebook for CatsIt was inevitable. There is now a social media site for cats. It's called Catmoji, and it's part Pinterest, part Facebook, and all cat. The site was founded by "a geeky programmer and a funky designer" in Malaysia, "because the Internet love cats and we want to make the Internet a better and happier place with cats!" according to the website. Alrighty then.

Besides being able to share your cat's every thought (like on Facebook), you can also share his every meal (like on Instagram), save other people's photos (like on Pinterest), earn badges and unlock levels (like Farmville). So pretty much the two founders must have sat down and figured out the most addictive (but non-porn) aspects of the Internet , and smashed them together into one fluffy site.

1. Status Update
Share the excruciating minutiae of your cat's day.

2. Cover Photo, Catvatar
Just like Facebook, you can set a cover photo. Unlike Facebook, however, it's really easy to figure out privacy settings (because there are none).

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3. Post all the (cat) things.
Whether you've got videos or just a photo of a cat stealing your sausages, this is where to post them.

4. If you've got photos of cats in costumes, you've come to the right place.
Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name at least no one's going to ask, "WTF?"

5. Browse cats.
Especially helpful for when you're feeling too lazy to type "cat" into Pinterest's search engine.

- By Joslyn Gray
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