Pink bedroom decorating ideas that aren’t too girly

Pink bedrooms aren't just for little girls. If you love the blooming warmth of pink, decorate your pink bedroom to feel just a little edgy. Avoid flowers, use darker shades of pink, and decorate with mirrors and wall decor that have a unique style. Here are 5 easy ways to decorate a pink bedroom that isn't too girly.

Paint Your Walls in Magenta

Cotton candy pink is out, but magenta is an excellent pink shade for decorating a mature pink bedroom. Consider painting an accent wall behind the bed in dark pink, while leaving the remaining walls in white. This splash of color will keep the room feeling bright without being too oppressively pink.

Choose a Rough Looking Bed

One way to counteract the softness of your pink decor is to choose a worn, rough looking bed. A flea market is a great place to find weathered metal foot and headboards. You can even use two metal garden trellises, connected with craft wire side-by-side, to fashion your own metal headboard. Then sand the headboard down to create a weathered look.

Choose Non-Floral Bedding

Pink and flowers may go together in nature, but the mixture is far too girly when it comes to decorating. If you want your bedroom to feel more welcoming to your male partner, consider using bedding with pink stripes or checkers. If you love flowers, limit them to prints on pink decorative pillows. As long as they are small, the pink flowers will not overwhelm your bedroom decor.

Choose Non-Pink Wall Decor

Break the monotony of your pink bedroom decor with unexpected wall art. Choose a painting with strong colors, like black, yellow or orange. These will act as a foil to the pink background of the wall without clashing with it. If you choose a floral painting, keep it primitive or modern rather than Impressionist in style. This will add an edge to your pink decorating style.

Choose a Quirky Mirror

Avoid Victorian mirrors and instead decorate your pink bedroom with something more out of Alice in Wonderland. A mirror with a striped black-and-white frame is unexpected and adds chic to the room while keeping it from looking too girly. Check out local craft shows for unusual artisan mirrors.

By taking an edgy look at pink decor, you can put together a pink bedroom that takes a walk on the wild side.

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