PinPointing: New Pinterest tool for fashion and shopping aficionados

Pinterest tops the list of preferred destinations for fashion and shopping aficionados. Offering loads of inspiration, the boards at Pinterest are frequented by million users everyday. While the virtual billboard is creative and fun, shopping for a product from the website is exasperating, unless linked by a retailer. Zappos, one of the biggest website for shoes is tapping into this area with their new tool, PinPointing.

What is PinPointing?

In a recent New York Times article, Caroline Waxler explained the new app and laid down its intricacies. According to Walker, PinPointing is a "Pinterest companion tool developed by Zappos," which the users can also use as "a standalone service." It's a service that "recommends Zappos products based on Pinterest pins and boards" - much like the "shop the look" tool present on eCommerce sites.

Hence, you're no longer left drooling looking at things your favorite magazine has pinned. With PinPointing, you can see suggestions and make a purchase, if needed.

How does PinPointing work?

Head over to PinPointing and type the name of your favorite pinner or view one of their featured list. PinPointing locates it and its boards. Based on those boards, it lists several recommended items. You have the choice to further pin those recommendations or connect to the website to make a purchase.

Caroline Waxler who tried the tool had mixed response about the whole experience.

According to her experiment, "Based on a picture with a caption that read "Street Style Spring 2013: Paris Fashion Week - A chic cape moment in plaid always delivers," PinPointing got the plaid memo but of the first five images it served up (before the user has to click "more") didn't hit the mark."

She further adds, "PinPointing is useful when it gets the recommendations right, which seems to happen particularly with beauty selections, or when it recommends items based on a brand and not an idea, like a wedding, or trend. Using the Pinterest account of the beauty blogger Belle Belle, PinPointing picks up her pin of a fiery red "Knees Up" Butter London nail polish and offers up some nice selections of other Butter London nail polishes."

I checked out the application for myself and concluded the same. While a pin of mesh gunmetal ring pin from Lucky Magazine brought forth a list of mesh shoes and sneakers, a pin of capes offered bang on links on trendy fall capes.

The tool still in its initial stages might not be the perfect solution to everyone; however, it does open a pathway and connects Pinterest to eCommerce and makes it more user-friendly.

Try it out for yourself and share your reactions in the comment section below.

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