Get your point across without being a nag

One of the things I have learned about men is that they can't stand women who are nags. A man hates it when his girlfriend is constantly nagging at him to do what she wants. I will admit that I have been a nag around my boyfriend in the past, but I have learned how to get my point across without getting on his nerves. If you need to get your point across to your guy, here are some ways to do it without driving him crazy.

Be Direct About What You Want

If you want your boyfriend to do something you want, do not beat around the bush. Be clear about what you want so that he gets the picture. For example, if you are sick of him leaving his dirty socks on the bedroom floor, don't just say the bedroom is a dump and roll your eyes. Instead, tell him that you don't like how he leaves his dirty socks everywhere and politely ask him to pick up after himself.

Avoid Going On and On About a Subject

If you complain to your boyfriend about him leaving the toilet seat up for a half an hour, it is just going to annoy him. Try to keep your request short to avoid getting on his nerves. If you get your point across without going on a long rant, he will be more likely to respond to your request.

Don't Be Sarcastic

Although it's tempting to resort to sarcasm when your boyfriend isn't doing what you asked him to do, it will only irritate him. He will just think you are being mean and might keep ignoring you. Instead of being sarcastic, ask him what you want him to do in a less confrontational way.

If you utilize these tips while you are trying to get your point across, your boyfriend won't get ticked off and will be more likely to do what you ask him to do.

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