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When Erin McKenna decided to opened a specialty bakery in 2005, she little baking experience and had never run a business. B…

  • By Meghan Blalock, StyleCaster

    What Job Is Right?

    Here's something they teach you in college: Finding a job is important. Here's something they don't teach you: finding the right job is even more so.

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    For many of us, graduating from college heading into the working world looks something like this: You spend a few months (or more than a few) interning for little or no money at a place that doesn't feel quite right, but due to the incredibly scarce job opportunities out there, you accept their full-time offer because, well, what choice do you really have?

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    Sound familiar? It probably does, especially if you are trying to break into fashion, an industry that continues to uphold the myth that any job in the field is a good one, as long as you have a foot in the door. But we talked to a hiring expert-Lauren Gohde, the director of Transformation and Culture at Philips Electronics-a huge company that's constantly h

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  • When former Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan retired from the sport, she wondered how she'd find a new career that would provide the same satisfaction, phenomenal success, and rousing cheers that she received on the ice.

    "For 21 years, I dedicated myself to one thing only...figure skating. How am I going to find something that I love as much? You can't find a job that when they say your name or when you walk into the office...applause, applause, applause," she joked.

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    But Kwan did find a new job as a U.S. diplomat. Not only is she embracing this new role, she's using the many lessons she learned on the ice to help guide her to success.

    Kwan made it to her first Olympic event in 1998, where she won silver, and later on won bronze at the 2002 Olympic Games. She eventually became the most decorated figure skater in the world after winning 43 titles. "I lived, breathed, and ate just the Olympics. I mean, I had a sticker above my bed. It

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  • Kimberly Rae Miller is a put-together woman with a great career, a loving boyfriend, and a tidy apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side. But she grew up behind the closed doors of her family's Long Island house, navigating between teetering stacks of aging newspapers, broken computers, and boxes upon boxes of unused junk festering in every room — the product of her father's painful and unending struggle with hoarding.

    He had one plastic bag tied to another tied to a torn knapsack, and rested it all on his shoulders. This man was mesmerizing. This man was homeless. I had never thought about homeless people before, but I knew that was what he was.

    I craned my neck backward to watch him, my mother pulling me toward our gate, as he walked through Penn Station and ate the remnants of a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken. I wondered how he had paid for his chicken and watched as his plastic bags swayed from side to side with each of his steps.

    When he saw me staring he tilted his box of chicken to

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  • Carters News Agency

    When most people spot an alligator, they run away—fast.
    But for Ashley Lawrence, 26, these slimy and scaly swamp creatures weighing up to 600 pounds and stretching 10 feet long, are her best friends.

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    The Homestead, Florida native is an alligator rescuer and her job entails venturing into the murky Everglades to hand-capture “nuisance alligators” — those that wander from swamps onto homeowners' properties, across highways, or even into town. Normally, state trappers would remove the animals, catching and killing them, in order to sell their skin or meat. However, Lawrence and the Gator Boys (the mostly male rescue group she belongs to) step in to catch and transport the gators safely to the Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale, where young gators are returned to the wild and older ones are moved to a sanctuary. The group funds its rescues by performing alligator wrestling shows (with the nuisance gators) for the public.

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  • How to Break Bad Habits

    How to Break Bad Habits

    Small Changes, BIG IMPACT
    Here's your new plan for swapping out your old habits for new ones:

    The more concrete you can be about your goals, the better, notes Julie Naylon, owner of No Wire Hangers, a Los Angeles - based professional organizing service - "not just a general Get organized," she says, "but a Clear off my desk by filing my piles of papers."

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    It's easy to get overwhelmed and give up when dealing with life-altering changes. So break big goals into baby steps. If you're trying to stick to a budget, resolve to pack a lunch three days a week instead of going out. You'll feel accomplished making even small changes - and small changes are easier to stick to.

    Whether you're trying to get up earlier or watch less TV, you'll need to be consistent with your efforts in order to see results. "Practicing once in a while or when you think of it is not enough," Charles Duhigg say

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