Could Improper Office Etiquette Get You Fired?

Probably not, but it could annoy your co-workers. Whether you're the intern or the boss, learn how to be polite at work with basic office manners.

1. Don't check personal devices during a meeting attended by your boss or anyone else who can make her disapproval your problem.

2. Don't pop up and "prairie dog" beside someone's cubicle, holding a conversation as a disembodied head.

3. Don't use a speakerphone unless you're in your office and holding a meeting that's being attended by someone remotely. Alert the person you're speaking with that others are present, and close the door. FYI: Using a speakerphone at full volume to go through your voice mailbox is the definition of annoying.

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4. When answering the phone, state your name and place of business: "Widgets, Incorporated. Susan Smith speaking. How may I help you?"

5. When leaving voice mails, state your name, place of business, and number. Succinctly say why you're calling. Repeat step one; say goodbye.

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6. Whoever arrives at a door first holds it for the next person, no matter the gender of either.

7. Don't microwave stinky foods in the shared lunchroom. (Come on.)

8. When introducing people, name the person of greater status first: "Mrs. CEO, I'd like you to meet the mail guy, Ron."

9. If you leave your cell phone at your desk, turn it off. Particularly if your ringtone is "Who Let the Dogs Out?"

10. Don't say "Pardon me." Say "I beg your pardon." The first is a command; the second, a request.

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