The pros and cons of dating a bad boy

He's a rebel -- he plays hard to get and he just thrills your socks off! Momma always said to stay away from bad boys but could Momma be wrong? It's a given that these tough guys don't always make good marriage material but we like them for so many reasons. Before you decide to slide on his leather jacket and become "his" girl, weigh the pros and cons of loving a bad boy. Depending on your personality type and personal needs, this challenging relationship may not be for you. (Or he could be just what the doctor ordered!)

Pro: He's never boring or dull. Bad boys like living on the edge and taking chances.

Con: Sometimes the "edge" isn't legal. Guys that use drugs or have unprotected sex aren't bad boys, they are unscrupulous and dangerous. Don't date them!

Pro: Dating this guy might spice up your dating resume. All those friends who have classified you as boring or predictable might see you in a new light.

Con: On the other hand, if a bad boy has already made the rounds through your circle of friends, dating him may be tacky.

Pro: If you date a bad boy, one hopes that the sex is good. It's such a nice fantasy to believe that all that unspoken hostility and pent-up energy is because he's never satisfied.

Con: His quiet hostility may be because he's no good in bed. Could his mean streak be because he doesn't know his way around a mattress? Definitely a con!

Pro: Your parents don't like him because they think he's all wrong for you. On one side, for some, this may be a plus. Women in this group purposefully don't want to date or marry a father- or mother-approved guy. It just seems less sexy.

Con: Your parents don't like him and the feeling is mutual. What happens when you've decided to dust off the chip on your shoulder and reconcile with your parents? Unfortunately, now you have a guy nobody in the family likes.

Pro: He's spontaneous and romantic. You love his spur of the moment ideas, especially when they involve a sandy beach and bottle of champagne.

Con: Or he's irresponsible and undependable. Your passionate night at the beach resulted in a family. You need someone to take little Johnny for a checkup and he's nowhere to be found.

So is he good for you? Maybe not completely, but we've found that most "bad boys" have a few redeeming qualities. Weigh the pros and cons yourself to see if your James Dean wanna be is right for you!

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