Pros and cons of getting a second job

If you're considering getting a second job, you're not alone. Many are finding themselves looking to moonlight in addition to their full-time position. For some, it's a no-brainer to take the second job or pass up on it, but considering how big of an impact it can have on your life, it's best to take some time to decide if it's the right decision for you. It can be a huge help, especially if you're wavering about what to do, to write down a list of pros and cons. There are a few that may ultimately be the deciding factor in whether or not you go for the second job.

Pro: You bring in extra money

One of the biggest benefits of getting a second job is obviously the money you'll be bringing in. However, you have to decide if the money is worth it when you compare the pay to the amount of hours you'll devote to getting it including the time you'll spend commuting.

Con: You give up free time for yourself

It's hard to find time for yourself even when you just have a full time job. Add a second job to the mix and it can completely kill any free time you have to just relax and read a book, exercise, veg in front of the television or partake in your favorite hobbies. It might not seem like a big deal, but it's necessary to have time for yourself considering all the stresses you have to deal with on a daily basis.

Pro: You get an employee discount

Many second jobs involve working in a store or restaurant, which usually means getting a good employee discount. This can be incredibly useful, especially if it's at a grocery store where you buy groceries or a restaurant your family likes to eat at. Consider how much money you would typically save in a month just by using your discount and factor that into your pay.

Con: You might encounter burn-out

A second position increases the chances that you'll feel overworked and burned-out, especially when you factor in how your relaxation time will be cut down. If you're already feeling drained and overwhelmed from your full time position, getting a second job is only going to increase that and may not be worth it.

Pro: You gain experience and skills

You can gain a tremendous amount of experience and skills from a second job, especially if they enhance your resume. The information you learn can help you at your current position and every one you hold after. It's especially useful if you're considering working in the field full time but aren't sure yet how you feel about it.

Con: You give up time with loved ones

When I was working a full time and a part time job, the biggest thing I missed was spending time with loved ones. This can be a huge factor when you're considering getting a second job, especially if you have a husband and kids. You can always find ways to bring in extra money, but you can't get that time back that you miss spending with loved ones.

Getting a second job can completely improve your life or you may find that all the pros just aren't worth it when compared to the cons. Don't rush into a decision or allow someone to force you into making one. Take time to decide what's best for you and what your other options are should you decide moonlighting isn't something you want. There are always several options, but carefully considering all the pros and cons can push you in the right direction.

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