Psychology sales people use to get you to buy more

I hate buying a new car but my current vehicle is determined to force me to do that soon - - my husband has issued a no resuscitation order for it. It is not the actual act of buying a new car that bothers me (I would love to have a new car) but it is the idea of shopping for a car. I hate dealing with car salesmen who pounce on me as soon as I step onto the car lot.

The fact is a good car salesman knows that getting to the customer quickly means keeping the customer on the lot longer. Keeping the customer on the car lot longer increases the odds that he or she will purchase a car from the salesman. A great salesperson knows the best tricks to get you to part ways with your money and if you are not careful, you will fall victim to the power of persuasion.

Psychological tricks salespeople use

Going up to mark down

This is a favorite trick of car dealerships - - mark up the price so buyers think they have found a great deal when they "negotiate" a lower price. The key to avoiding this sales tactic is to do your homework - - check prices with other retailers to make sure that the "mark down" is really a deal.

Stroking your ego

We all love flattery especially when it makes us feel important, special or intelligent. The best salesperson sounds sincere when they use flattery. If they do not sound sincere, flattery may backfire and drive the customer away. The key is to recognize that you are being manipulated and resolve to make your decisions based on price and quality rather than flattery.

Limited time offers or last item left tricks

Creating a sense of urgency makes the buyer believe they will lose the deal unless he or she acts now. The works best with items that are unique - - such as a specific house or custom designed items. Therefore, a trick many salespeople use to increase sales is the "limited time offer." "This deal is only for the next 10 callers" or "we only have 10 items left at this price" are popular ploys used by salespeople to get you to buy. With today's technology, you can easily check to see if this is a great deal with a wireless device. If you do not have the internet on your cell phone, call someone who does and have him or her check for you before you give into the pressure to reach for your wallet.

The freebie trap

It seems that "BOGO" is everywhere we look from fast food restaurants to wireless services. The thought of getting something free or at a heavy discount is a very enticing lure. Before you become intoxicated on the idea that you are getting two for the price of one you need to check to make sure the price you are paying has not been inflated. The other question you must really ask yourself is - - do I really need or want two of these?

Expensive accessories

Another trick that is common is to sell a very popular item for a low price and make up the difference by increasing the price of accessories. For instance, one of my favorite computer stores put their laptops on sale; however, the laptops only had a basic operating system installed. For me, this was a great deal as I have full versions of all my software on CDs at home that I can load myself. However, for most other shoppers they were paying hundreds more for software they could have purchased online for much less. Be wary of expensive accessories.

Not all salespeople are out to cheat you - - they are just doing their jobs and doing it well when they can get you to spend more money. The best salespeople know how to use simple psychology to get customers to spend more money than they intended when they walked into the store.

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