Quick tips to boost your energy

The world today is very fast paced, and we think that we must keep up. Trying to keep up wears us out and usually by midday, many of us are lacking the energy that it takes to keep up. We drink those awful energy drinks and way too much coffee and somehow manage to make it through yet another day. Sometimes those mid-afternoon energy crashes feel almost impossible to make it through. While a chronic lack of energy demands close examination, there are some quick ways to boost your flagging energy on those days when you simply poop out too soon. Here are a few of my favorites that rarely fail to work for me.

  1. Drink a big glass of water. Most of us are chronically dehydrated, and yet, when we feel tired, we reach for a cup of coffee, which only dehydrates us further. Studies have shown that drinking a big glass of water will perk you up faster than a cup of coffee and there is no post-coffee crash. Try to drink plenty of water throughout the day regularly. Our bodies are made up mostly of water, and that includes the brain. A thirsty brain does not work at its peak so drink up.

Take a brisk walk. Get up off of your rump and move. This means that during work breaks and lunch breaks that getting up, going outside, and walking briskly will increase your pep a lot more than moving from one sitting position to another sitting position in a different location. Walking will help improve your overall attitude, as well. The saying goes, "Move a muscles, change a thought." Move those muscles so that you will not feel like you are trying to muscle through your entire day.

The power nap. I love the power nap and am lucky enough to be able to have one most every day. Because I am a crummy sleeper at night, no matter what I do, the power nap always saves my day. For a power nap to be effective it needs to be 60 minutes or less in duration. I realize that this may not be practical if you work in an office setting. However, you can find time to take 10 minutes to close your eyes and do some deep breathing, which will also help bump up your energy level.

Eat more protein and less sugar. Sugar may increase your energy in the short term, but along will come the famous sugar crash, and with it the desire for more sugar. Instead, eat a handful of almonds or cashews. They are packed with protein which will provide true energy with no crash. These particular nuts are also high in magnesium which many of us do not get enough of, and a magnesium deficiency causes---you guessed it-low energy. Take care not to go overboard on the nuts, though. They are high in fat and calories.

If none of these tricks work, and you are chronically low on energy, check with your doctor. You may not be getting enough restful sleep, or you may be anemic, depressed, stressed, or you may be taking a medication that causes low energy. For the occasional, midday blahs try one of the tricks above before you reach for yet another cup of coffee, or another energy drink.