Is he on the rebound?

He's got to get back in the game some time but do you want to be his rebound lover? Catching him after a break up seems smart - he'll be so vulnerable. However, if he's on the rebound, his time with you could be short. Unless you are dating for charity, (please don't) you want a healthy relationship with a future. So is he on the rebound? It's good to know the answer that to question before you give your heart away. You're worth it!

Ask yourself these questions:

Is he too eager to commit? After a few dates, he starts talking about buying a ring, or moving in or sleeping over. You feel flattered but realize that things are moving too fast. If he's too eager to commit, he could be on the rebound. It's natural to feel loss after a break up. Sometimes loss drives us to do spontaneous, crazy things. Put the brakes of if he moves too fast.

Is he too determined to stay single? If he's interested lovemaking but not much else, he's on the rebound and has something to prove. If she jilted him, his bruised ego might push him to "play the field" as some sort of revenge. Don't get caught in the cross fire. If you don't see it going anywhere after a few dates, get rid of him.

Does he need to talk about her constantly? It's natural that the newly single guy would need to vent about his former flame but come on! Droning endlessly about her dimples or how she laughed is a clear sign that he's on the rebound. He is on the rebound if he calls you her name or won't shut up about her.

Does he have a history of rebounding? With today's resources, women can get lots of information about the guys they date just by Googling him. Girlfriends, family members and coworkers are also a fount of information. Ask around before stepping out with a potential rebounder. If he has a history of playing around, this could be why Mr. Wonderful is single.

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