How to repair damaged hair

Is your hair damaged? Even if you take great care of your hair, it can get damaged from daily wear and tear. Heat styling, excessive washing and drying, sun exposure, color treatments, and product buildup can all damage hair. Fine hair is typically more prone to damage than medium to coarse hair, but any hair texture can get damage from day to day hair styling. Here are a few ways to help repair your hair after it has become damaged.

Get a trim. You can't really repair damaged hair, so the only truly effective thing to do is to cut off the damaged areas. Since this isn't always practical or desirable, a good trim will at least help. The ends are almost always the worst, so trimming will help.

Clarify. If product buildup is your problem, try a clarifying shampoo. They are great for removing product buildup, mineral buildup from hair water, and chlorine from the swimming pool. If you don't want to spring for a special shampoo, sprinkle a little baking soda into the palm of your hand and add your usual amount of shampoo. Wash and rinse as usual.

Try a conditioning treatment. A professional treatment will give you the best results, but you can make your own. Just apply a very generous amount of conditioner to damp clean hair, put on a shower cap, and stand in a comfortably hot shower for ten or more minutes. Leave the cap on additional time after your shower, if desired. Then rinse well.

Give the flat iron a vacation. Flat irons are hard on your hair, so if your hair is damaged, give it a little break. A couple of weeks off from the flat iron will allow the hair's natural oils to penetrate, helping to improve the conditioner of your hair.

Embrace your natural texture. If you're spending a lot of time fighting with your hair's natural texture, you are probably causing extra damage. Give it a break and enjoy the hair you were born with.

Shampoo less often. Your scalp creates natural oil that spreads through the hair and helps to keep it healthy. Shampooing interrupts this process by stripping the hair of its natural. To maintain the balance between clean and healthy hair, try shampooing just every other day.

Condition every time you shampoo. Shampooing opens the hair cuticle, and allows moisture and hair color particles to slip out. But if you condition every time you shampoo, this will help seal the cuticle closed, helping the moisture to stay in, making your hair healthier.

If you are still having problems getting healthy looking hair, see a professional stylist for advice that is personalized just for you.