New Year’s resolutions every mom should make

Do you make New Year's resolutions? A gym manager once told me that January is their busiest month of the year, but by February 1st, the treadmills are all empty again. Unfortunately, the resolutions many people make, like going to the gym regularly, end up making them feel miserable before the end of January because they are hard to maintain and end up inducing extra stress and guilt.

It's okay. I think almost everyone has made an ambitious, life-changing resolution that failed in a short time. Give yourself a break. This year, try these resolutions I think every mom should make.

Read a book you enjoy

Good moms read a lot. We read aloud to our kids, and when they get older, we read the books they are reading just so we know what's being introduced to their minds. We read parenting magazines and websites aimed at moms. We read the news, and we read about entertainment so we can stay informed. But when is the last time you read a book that you enjoyed? Whether you're getting lost in another world or wandering away for a while in a piece of great literature or steamy trash, it doesn't matter. Take time, even one chapter a night before you go to sleep, and enjoy a book of your own.

Eat dessert at a nice restaurant, alone

At least one time this year, go out all by yourself to a restaurant that has really good desserts. Sit down at the table, order the most decadent thing you can imagine, and breathe. Wait for your order to arrive, knowing that it's all yours. You don't have to share. You won't be interrupted. Every single bite, every moment, all yours to savor. Don't order dinner first, or you might talk yourself out of dessert and miss this experience. Trust me; it's a good one.

Refresh something about yourself

If you are a busy mom, you probably have a lot that needs refreshing. Whether it's your wardrobe, your makeup, your hairstyle or whatever, go for it this year. Give yourself a brand new something, even if it's just a new shade of lipstick or some curl in your hair. Refresh yourself and feel better.

Visit your doctor

Too often, moms take care of everyone else in the family and forget to care for themselves. This year, make it a priority to visit your doctor and get a full check-up. Ask if it is time for a mammogram or a colonoscopy or any other preventive health care. Many tests are now covered with no out of pocket expense, so take advantage of early screening. This resolution could save your life.

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