Restyle Old Clothes into New Trends

Spring approaches and suddenly you find yourself deep in the closet, assessing piles of clothes to go, some to keep, and others that you can't seem to make up your mind about. You're confused because you're unsure about the items' legitimacy as a current wardrobe candidate. Is the look too dated? Can it be revamped into a fresher item? More than likely so. First, you'll need to take a really close look at the clothes and be honest with yourself about their true potential. Here are some interesting examples…

Item(s): Outdated jeans

Restyled Result: Punchy accents for other clothes

Denim is a great material to restyle if you've got a vivid imagination. Sure, you could simply cut up an old pair of jeans into some nifty shorts. But those outdated "mom jeans" have so much more potential. Think more about what you can do with the pieces of denim, rather than attempting to find new ways to wear them. For example, take a loofah, scissors, or other materials to distress the pockets. Cut them off the jeans and use them as patches on a blazer (that also needs refreshing.)

Item(s): Ratty T-shirts

Restyled Result: Rocker Chic

This is perhaps the easiest item to restyle, as the T-shirt never actually goes out of style. But that old spring break tee from college can certainly be polished up with a fitted blazer (perhaps your "new" denim-patched version) and layered necklaces. The key is to turn the item's awkwardness into whimsy, with a few smart, on-trend accessories.

Item(s): Old (read: ugly) sweater

Restyled Result: Funky leg warmers

You've got a few old sweaters that no longer make the cut today. Before you toss them into the charity bin, think twice about their sleeves. Yes, the sleeves. That awkward looking pattern is now probably too stodgy for daily wear; but when cut away from the sweater they can be turned into a funky pair of leg warmers.

Item(s): Plaid blouse

Restyled Result: Grunge meets 80s "couture"

Many would say that Madonna's Mini-Me, Lourdes Leon is taking a page right out of her mother's fashion book. The youngster, who has her own clothing line, seems to have completely adopted her mom's previous rag-tag look of the 1980s. But she's found smart ways to blend elements of both the 80s and 90s grunge into one. Keep the plaid shirt, but pair it with slick items like patterned tights and tailored leather jackets. The trick is to build the outfit around the plaid shirt, without letting it take over the ensemble.