How to revive your mascara

I hate it when I spend over $15 on mascara only to find it prematurely dried out. Sometimes I forget to screw the top on securely and other times, I suspect the product should not have been on the shelf. Who knows? You pump, twist and bang just to scrape out a tiny bit of faded color. You end up with lashes that no one can see that feel crispy. That is not good if you want lashes that pop! Throwing the makeup away isn't your only solution, you can revive your mascara!

This little beauty secret works great on regular mascara but I've never tried it on a waterproof brand. Keep in mind that you should replace your eye products every two months regardless. That keeps eye infections at bay! Follow these simple steps to revive clumpy mascara. Make those makeup dollars stretch a little longer.

  1. Unscrew the lid of the mascara and set the tube safely on a counter or a clean, flat surface. (Keep the brush off the surface though.) Take the time to remove any clumps of makeup on the outside of the tube. I use a makeup removing towelette to remove icky streaks and dried on mascara.
  2. Drop one to two drops of Tetrahydrozoline HCI also known as Visine, into the mascara tube. Put the mascara wand back in the tube. Don't use more than that as you can end up with runny eye makeup.
  3. Twist the wand inside the tube to moisten the dried product. Don't pump the mascara. Doing this just pushes the paint into the bottom of the tube. It's hard to retrieve it when it's at the bottom.
  4. Set the tube upside down on a flat surface to allow the mascara to blend with the drops. If you can't do this with your mascara brand, that's okay. Just twist it a few more seconds.

Now you have a revived mascara! Use your freshened product like you normally would. It's a good idea to get into the practice of twisting the product out, not pumping it. Double check the mascara lid to make sure it's on securely.

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