Royal Baby Who? Kate Middleton's Dog is Famous Too

Getty ImagesKate Middleton and Prince William’s royal baby is born (it's a prince!) and the world is celebrating—but Lupo, the couple's black Cocker Spaniel may need a hug.
Lupo, adopted by the couple in 2012, hasn't just been lazing around or playing fetch—he's been caught up in royal baby madness, just like the rest of us. Here's a look at his crazy life, as of late.

Suddenly a big brother, he's sharing the limelight: With a new baby on board, Luppo, long regarded as the “child” of Middleton and Prince William will go through an adjustment period. Sure, he landed a spot on Tattler magazine’s “50 Most Fascinating People in the Country” list but with the new addition to the royal family, he's not the only cutie in the palace. As Nicholas Dodman, director of the Animal Behavior Center at Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in North Grafton, Mass., explained to Good Morning America, “When you have a young couple, like the royal couple, before they have children, the dog becomes the center of their universe. They treat it like their child,” “You can see how the dog becomes the center of their universe, totally spoiled, but that sets the stage for him having his nose get out of joint when their baby comes and disrupts his harmony.”

He’s been the target of rumors: Late last week, the Internet exploded with stories that Lupo got himself stuck in a fence at the Middleton home in Buckleberry. According to photographer Greg Blatchford who was stationed by the home hoping to get a shot of Middleton, someone shouted what sounded like, “Lupo!” and a command to heel. The U.K.'s Telegraph reported that fire department and animal services rushed to the home but fortunately, the dog freed itself before help was needed. Not only did the “Royal breaking news!” reports excite the public, the story wasn’t even true. According to Hello! Magazine, Clarence House denied that the dog in question was Lupo.

He has a Twitter impersonator: Scroll through Twitter and you’ll come across dozens of parody Twitter accounts—Kate Middleton (@PrincessKate_UK), Prince Charles (@Charles_HRH), Queen Elizabeth (@Queen_UK) and Pippa Middleton (@Pippatips), just to name a few. And Lupo does too. The account @HRH_Lupo boasts almost 4,000 followers with a bio that reads:” Prince among royal pooches. Pet of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Snapping at Nicholas Witchell's heels.”

He travels in style: In June, Middleton, Prince William, and Lupo caught an impromptu helicopter ride from North Wales to London from one of William’s pilot friends flying a bright orange chopper. According to an onlooker, Lupo was a model passenger and was described as “very well behaved. Kate let him down on the grass and he stayed close, although you could see he was excited.”

Although Lupo is likely exhausted (physically, emotionally), it’s clear that he can handle excitement—which is exactly what the newborn future king will bring to his house.