The Royal Baby: What the Stars Say

Getty ImagesThe royal baby was born on Monday (a prince!) and while Buckingham Palace confirmed the basics—Kate Middleton gave birth at St. Mary’s Hospital at 4:24 p.m. BST to a boy weighing 8 pounds, 6 ounces — cosmically speaking, there’s plenty more to learn about the future king.

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For starters, the royal baby’s astrological sign is Cancer, according to astrologer Susan Miller, who analyzed the baby’s chart based on the time and date of his birth.

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As a Cancer, the royal baby will be a homebody, said Miller. “And unlike some people who can only spend so much time with their parents, the royal baby will genuinely enjoy the company of Mom and Dad.” He won’t have a ton of friends, but mischievous Uncle Harry will be able to nudge him out of his shell. “They will get along wonderfully because Harry is a Virgo which is compatible with Cancer,” said Miller. But don’t expect to see the royal baby running around in the tabloids—he’ll be cautious and reserved. “Kate Middleton will also teach him how to handle himself in the public eye,” she said. 

As he grows older, the royal baby will attend to the family finances. “That’s a good thing because he was born with a mind for money and [the ability to] generate lots of it, which he’ll use for good.” Much like his late grandmother Princess Diana, who advocated for education, HIV/AIDS, and the homeless, the little prince will become a voice for the disadvantaged. “He will be a humanitarian and may even try to finish some of the work Princess Diana started, possibly focusing on world hunger,” said Miller.

Of course, it won’t all be business—the royal heir will leave plenty of time for fun. “When he gets old enough to be interested in girls, he’ll like variety,” said Miller. “He won’t have a ‘type’; instead, he’ll date all sorts of women. But when he chooses a wife, a good match for him will be Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, or Capricorn—just like his mother Kate."

The baby’s birthday—July 22—will drive the royal baby's success, too, according to numerologist Sally Faubion of and creator of the app CosmicMates. "The 22nd is a ‘master number’ in numerology in part because it’s a double digit,” she said. “People born on this day will be leaders, whether they’re royalty or not." The royal child will be a visionary with both a pragmatic side, excelling at math and science, and a spiritual side. "He'll be very intuitive when it comes to reading people’s emotions,” said Faubion. And while the little prince will try to be conscientious and responsible, doing his best to please his parents (cleaning his royal room, perhaps?), he’ll also have a stubborn streak and try to make his own decisions as much as possible.

The royal baby, like all of us, also possesses a “destiny number,” said Faubion, which influences his lifestyle and career choices. The digit is calculated by adding all the numbers in his birthday (7 + 22+ 2013) and reducing them to a single number (8). “People with a destiny number 8 are known for their class and dignity and go far in their careers—they’re the model employees, the ones the bosses always turn to,” Faubion said. “They also have an incredible ability to seek out the latest trends and usually wind up pursuing careers such as artists, designers, high-ranking officers in the armed services, or movie directors.”

And when it comes to his passions, the little prince will pursue them adamantly. “This boy will have big dreams and no one will be able to stop him from achieving them,” said Faubion. “He’ll believe in himself and will very much be the king of his castle.” 

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Photo by: Courtesy of Tim Graham/Getty Images
The Prince and Princess of Wales, United Kingdom, 1986
Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana with their two sons in the wildflower meadow at Highgrove House,... more 
Photo by: Courtesy of Tim Graham/Getty Images
The Prince and Princess of Wales, United Kingdom, 1986
Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana with their two sons in the wildflower meadow at Highgrove House, their country home in Gloucestershire, England.

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