Rules of dating during football season

Football season is coming up, which means there's about to be a bit of battling in relationships. While there are quite a few women who are into football, myself included, it's pretty off-balance when it comes to the guys. Many complain how their partner isn't into football and it starts problems in their relationship. Sundays and Monday nights are all about the games, so whether you're a fan or just dating a guy who is, there's several rules to keep in mind for dating during football season.

Head to a sports bar to meet a guy

Ladies, if you're a football fan and you want to meet a guy, head to a sports bar during football season. It's a giant meet market. Sure it's tempting to sit at home screaming at the TV while you're scarfing down wings and cuddled up in a hoodie, but at least while you do that in a bar, you can meet a guy who shares the same interests.

Give him space after a loss

Any woman who has ever dated a football fan knows that after his team loses, you have to give him his space. It might seem silly, but many guys take it pretty hard and they're going to be cranky. Avoid getting into an argument and let him have some breathing room.

Don't fake loving football or his team

I never understood why some people fake loving something just to impress another. Do you think they're not going to eventually figure it out? If you don't love football or his team, don't pretend to. He's supposed to like you for who you are, not who you pretend to be and when he finds out you lied, he's not going to be very happy.

Make it a friendly competition

Should you fall for a guy who doesn't love the same team as you, don't turn it into a war of words every time your team plays. I've seen some couples have full blown arguments because one went too far with the banter or teasing and the other person got upset. A little friendly competition is great for a relationship - and your sex life - so make a friendly wager instead.

Get to know the sport

Some women actually want to learn to like football, but they don't understand it and feel stupid asking questions. Do some online research if you feel weird asking a question, but there's also no problem in asking for clarification if you need it. However, wait until halftime before you start rattling off questions.

Don't get mad at him for his love of football

Quite a few guys have told me that their girlfriends get mad at them whenever they want to watch a game at home or go out to watch a game at a bar. Unless he's skipping out on an important event or something else that's major, there's not really any reason watching the game is a problem. It's a game he loves and likely grew up on which means it's important to him, so even if you don't understand it, at least try to go along with it anyway.

Keep yourself busy if you're not a fan

If you're not a fan of football, you don't have to sit there and watch a game. Go out with other non-football fans, do some work or have some alone time. Many guys will get annoyed having their non-football fan girlfriends along - regardless of how much they love them - because they feel like they have to entertain them the entire time. When you keep yourself busy with other things, it allows him to have his friend time while you have yours.

Don't take it personally

One of the biggest complaints I hear from ladies during football season is that they're upset their guy doesn't pay as much attention to them as he does the rest of the year. This may sound harsh, but as much as he loves you, the game and all the memories he has attached to it have been around a lot longer than you've been in his life. The key is compromise. If it's severely cutting into your couple time, talk to him about it without nagging. Let him know you understand his love of the sport, but that you miss him being around.

Dating during football season is typically a bit different than any other time during the year. If you're not familiar with the sport, get to know it! Watch a game with him and see if you like it and if you don't, at least you tried. If you are a fan, then get ready for some football!

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