Rules to keep in mind when vacationing with your guy's family

A lot of couples vacation together, but it's a whole new level when you vacation with your guy's family. When it's just you and your boyfriend, the two of you have free reign to do whatever you wish whenever you want. Throw the family into the mix and things aren't so simple. Certain situations could occur that could ruin your vacation if you're not careful. If you're planning a vacation with your guy's family, there are several tips to keep in mind so you can have a great time with as few problems as possible.

Get a room separate from the family

If you're booking the vacation, skip the shared suite or room next door and opt for a room for you and your guy that's separate from the rest of the family. Not only can this prevent the family from intruding on your room, but it can also allow the two of you to be on vacation with his family while still feeling like you're on a separate one of your own.

Keep the noise to a minimum

Should the two of you have to stay in close proximity to his family, keep the noise level down when the two of you have sex or argue. It should go without saying, but in the heat of the moment you have to make even more of a conscious effort to keep your voices lowered. You don't want his family hearing any part of your personal business, especially if it's something they can bring up against you later on.

Bring your own funds

Some make the mistake of assuming that the family is going to cover much or all of the expenses on the trip - from food to car rental - especially if the family paid for them to come along on the vacation. I've heard of a couple of instances where an invited guest thought they didn't have to pay for the extras and that the family was going to pick up the tab for them. Even if you don't end up paying, have the money to be able to cover your share just in case.

Follow up with a thank you gift

If the family was nice enough to invite you on the trip, make sure to follow up by giving the host and hostess a thank you present. One great personalized gift idea is to take a picture of the immediate family while on vacation then have the photo enlarged and framed. It's a souvenier as well as a beautiful present.

Schedule a vacation date with your guy

Just because you're going on vacation with his family doesn't mean you have to spend the entire time with them. Plan a date for you and your guy, even if it's just going out to a nice restaurant. It will give the two of you some time to enjoy each other's company without everyone else around.

Request a girl's night out

If you want to strengthen your bond with his family, request a girl's night out. All the ladies on the trip can go out together for dinner and drinks while the guys do their thing. It'll show the family that you're making an effort to get to know them, especially if you haven't known them very long.

The idea of going on vacation with your guy's family may seem awful, but it can actually be a wonderful time. It'll give you a chance to bond with his family as well as show him that you can deal with the pressure. Stay positive and be insistent that you're going to have a great time. It could turn out to be a fantastic experience.

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