Red-Hot Red Carpet Moments from the SATC 2 Premiere

The movie everyone's been waiting for finally debuted last night at none other than NYC's Radio City Music Hall. Cosmo Radio Hosts Taylor and Victoria donned their own stilettos to get the scoop on your favorite celebrities at the premiere. Here are some of their favorite moments.

The Fab Four

The gals have been on the red carpet circuit long enough that it's no surprise they looked stunning in their floor-length gowns. Although SJP and Kristin Davis's dresses look like they could be from the same designer, that's not the case. SJP insists that, after knowing each other all these years, they just have similar tastes!

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Jason Lewis
Yum! Jason's chiseled cheekbones, sexy smile, and perfectly fitted suit got us a bit distracted. Cosmo Radio Host Taylor bravely asked him to take his shirt off, but sadly he declined: "Sorry, kid, you're out of luck!"

That's okay, Smith. We'll just check out these shirtless hotties.

John Corbett

Go Team Aidan! In his Ralph Lauren Black Label suit, John looked more dapper at the premiere than he ever did as Carrie's one-time fiancé in the series. Even hotter? He told radio hosts Taylor and Victoria that he knows a lot about Cosmo.

If Aidan knows so much about us, maybe he and the others at SATC can teach us a little something about love...

Chrysti and David Eigenberg
When Radio Host Taylor told the actor who plays Steve,"You were a bad boy in the first movie. You deserve a spanking!" Eigenberg replied, "Don't worry, my wife will take care of that when we get home." Naughty!

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Alice Eve

As Charlotte's hot blonde babysitter, Alice was dubbed "Erin-Go-Braless" by Samantha in the new movie. Cosmo Radio host Taylor told us, "'Erin-Go-Braless' let me feel her boobs on the red carpet! They were amazing - and yes, they were real!"

Even if you don't quite have Alice's, um, assets, here's how to work what you've got.

Candace Bushnell
With her Miu Miu cocktail dress and sparkling platform stilettos, the original creator of Carrie Bradshaw looked pretty damn New York chic herself.

Get to know a younger Carrie in Bushnell's new project, The Carrie Diaries.

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