The Secret Behind Carrie Bradshaw's Perfect Wavy Hair

It's nearly time for Sex and the City 2 to hit theaters and we'll once-again be reunited with the four gorgeous New Yorkers who've become our ultimate style icons. While we may not be in a position to splurge on the beautiful Manolos they're bound to sport, there is one thing you can snag - their hair secrets.

We sat down with Frank Barbosa, the movie's lead hairstylist, to get the scoop on what tress effects we can expect to see on everyone's favorite foursome and how you can get Sarah Jessica Parker's signature waves.

Q. In the first movie, Carrie sports a ton of different hair looks. What style takes center stage this time around?
A. "A lot of waves, a lot of loose, free-flowing waves for all of the characters, not just Carrie. I was inspired by old black-and-white films and brought in a ton of old photographs for each actress. We spent one to four hours on each look every day." Related: Don't Miss Kristin Davis's Top 10 Hairstyles

Q. What's your secret to creating natural-looking waves?
A. "I use irons of varying sizes, from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch, to get different types of curls. I also use a Sultra flatiron to make curls." Related: Learn How to Curl Your Hair with a Flatiron!

Q. We know that there are some amazing '80s flashbacks. What can you tell us about the hair in those scenes?
A. "We had so much fun coming up with the looks for the flashbacks. We listened to old Madonna songs, and Carrie's curly bob and giant bow was inspired by the whole 'Borderline' look. I also used lots of wigs, pieces, and hair spray to give all the girls their retro styles." Related: Flip Through Madonna's Best Hairstyles

Q. What are the "superhero" products that you could not live without on the set?
A. "I always had René Furterer Spray Gloss with me to tame flyaways and give hair a nice shine under the bright lights. I also used Ojon Extreme Hold Hairspray." Related: Check Out the 33 Best Hair Products Ever

What's your favorite hairstyle on Carrie? Which Sex and the City character's hairstyle would look best on you?

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