Three Sexy Things To Say to Your Boyfriend in Bed...

My sweets, are you loud or quiet in bed? Do you ever get nervous to talk dirty? Well, here are three sexy things to say to your man in bed...

I just got a copy of Moregasm, a new book by Claire Cavanah and Rachel Venning, the owners of the women-friendly sex shop Babeland. Unlike some sex books, this one isn't too intense or scary. Instead, they answer real-life questions they've been asked by their customers over the years, and their tone is friendly and light-hearted. I'm loving the book!

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Want a little teaser? Here, they give three tips on how to talk dirty:

1. "A really good starter script for dirty talk is simply this: say what you are going to do, then do it, then say you did it," say Claire and Rachel. Two examples? "I think it's time to spank you," or "Ooh, I need you inside me soon."
2. "Then there's dirty talk that's more about amping up the moment," they explain. Try describing your feelings and sensations, like, "Mmm, you taste like honey."
3. One easy warm-up is dirty texting, they suggest: "Text a quick 'I'm so wet thinking about you tonight.' "

What about you, my dears? What do you say to your men in bed? Do you ever talk dirty or send flirty texts or emails?