What Men Secretly Love About Sex And the City

Most guys love to hate on SATC, but we found out the truth: they admire Samantha's sexual bravado and Carrie's clever puns almost as much as we do. We asked guys (yes, straight ones) what turned them on to the hit show, so the next time he rolls his eyes when a rerun comes on, you know he's faking it. Find out everything you want to know about SATC 2.

"I actually love the show and am not afraid to tell people. I think the dialogue is the best part. One of my favorite scenes was when Samantha threw the lemons at the young chicks sleeping with her "man" at his posh house in the Hamptons. You wouldn't see such ballsiness anywhere else." -Dima, 25

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"I watch SATC for the same reason I read Cosmo, actually - to gain insight into the other side. It's like being invited to a secret meeting where women reveal what they really think about what guys do. Also, I know what a Manolo Blahnik is now, so I can nod knowingly when my girlfriend mentions them instead of just staring blankly ahead." -Dan, 24 Read the 7 love lessons Cosmo learned from Sex and the City.

"Unlike other girly shows, the male characters are believable - even the ones that are cast as a sort of "ideal" like Big have hidden flaws, like most guys have, so you can relate to them. They're the type of men that guys would want to be."-Jeremy, 27

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"It's a guilty pleasure to see dating from the woman's side, even if some of the drama seems totally preventable. For example, the show explains my girlfriend's irrational behavior as just something women do sometimes. If she has a problem, she has to tell everyone but me and make me figure it out like we're playing Clue. The same thing happens on the show. Carrie can tell all of the other women at brunch her issue for 25 minutes of screen time before she finally gets around to telling Big." -Mitch, 23

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"The show was refreshing because it portrayed some of the shallow ways girls think about guys. The girls in SATC would more or less decide how much they liked a new guy from the get-go. It was cool to see a TV show that kind of said: 'Look, in their own way, and not because they are being naive, girls are quick to judge too.'" -David, 24 Read about Carrie Bradshaw before she moved to New York.

"I never knew how much women talk about sex, and it's such a turn-on to know that they crave it as much as men do. I also like Samantha, who's always having sex and then sharing the stories of who and when and what she did last night." -Jeff, 25

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