Do schools get too much say so?

Each fall we send our kids off to school, wide eyed, full of youthful enthusiasm, ready to put on their thinking caps and absorb book fulls of knowledge like little sponges over the next nine (or so) months. Okay, you can stop laughing now. I saw it in a movie once…I think. Yet, I digress. Regardless of whether or not you sent your sprog off to school this fall full of vigor or brimming with venom, I believe a more important question needs to be asked: What do you really know about your child's school? Because I'm beginning to wonder if the public school system isn't getting a little too big for its britches.

A Few Examples of Schools Having Too Much Say So

The popular parenting site, Babble, recently did an article outlining 15 exceedingly stupid things that some schools around the country have decided to ban. Some examples include:

Bake sales

Valentine's Day


High fives




And…. Cartwheels?

Where does it end? Are we sending our kids to school, or into the grip of new aged tyranny?

A Bigger Problem…A Little Closer to Home

If the bans weren't ridiculous enough to me, this fall, Northside Independent School District students in San Antonio will have microchips embedded in their student identification cards, used for (you guessed it), tracking students during school hours. While proponents of the idea tout the expected-and-seemingly-logical 'safety' angle, I fear it's a step in a direction, and a step I'm not comfortable with a school district taking when it comes to my kids.

Who Are the Parents Again?

I send my children to school to learn, not for the school district to act as their parents, guardians or keepers. If they aren't in school, the school's only responsibility is to inform me, and allow me my parental right to track my kid down and discipline her according to my preferences as a parent. Granted, I never have had a problem with my kids being truant…ever.

And while just about any parent could argue the safety angle of the microchip inside the identification cards, here is my take: Most kids today have cell phones. You can track your child's location using that cell phone; faster and better than you can by relying on the chips in these identification cards. Problem solved.

When are We Going to Start Being Parents Again?

In my mind, some doors shouldn't be opened. Some powers just shouldn't be granted to government institutions. And some things just shouldn't be banned. So when are parents going to take back our rights and tell the schools -- who we pay for using our tax dollars -- that enough is enough? That they don't get to decide what's best for our kids? When are we going to take our job back?

Because, I'm ready. Are you?

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