How to score the best deals on leftover Halloween candy

Admit it. You wait for the holidays to be over so you can stock up on candy. It's okay. I do it every year. However, there are tips you can use to get the best candy at the best prices. Whether you hunt out the best candy early or hold out for the best deals, you can keep your sweet tooth and wallet very happy. Here are just a few tips for scoring the best deals on leftover Halloween candy.

Avoid Dollar Stores

I never waste my time at dollar stores looking for leftover Halloween candy. Not only do dollar stores usually have poor quality candy, but two weeks after Halloween, you'll still see discounts of only 25 percent off. Dollar stores are more concerned about making money than making room for new merchandise.

Shop Early for the Best Candy

If you want the best candy, you need to hit the stores the first couple days after Halloween. You won't get the best deals, but you will get the best selection. In most cases, you'll see discounts around 25 percent off during these first couple days. On rare occasions, there will be stores that simply want to unload the merchandise and may have discounts as high as 50 percent off.

Visit More Than One Store

Don't limit your options. Visit the discount department stores first, then hit the drug stores, and then the grocery stores. You will almost always find the best deals in discount department stores, such as Walmart. However, you need to make sure these stores are the first stops you make.

Hold Out for the Best Deals

Last, but not least, after you've scored a few packages of your favorite candy, wait a couple more days and then hit the stores again. You'll begin to see discounts of 50-75 percent off. This is a great time to stock your cabinets. Best of all, the longer you wait the better the discount. The only problem is you may be limited to candy corn, but at least it will be 90 percent off.

There are so many wonderful treats to choose from at Halloween, but no one said you had to pay full price. You can score some awesome deals just a couple days after the holiday is over, which means you'll get to enjoy your favorite candy without the high costs.