7 Ways to Have a Successful Morning Before You Get to Work

Work will seem more bearable with these early morning moves.Work will seem more bearable with these early morning moves.Studies show that morning people are actually happier than night owls, so when Kim Kardashian tweeted about her morning mani-pedis last week it got us thinking. What do these early risers know that we don't? The answer: Some of the items on your to-do list are best done before breakfast. Try these early morning moves to be successful at pretty much every area of your life.

By Lauren Panariello

1. Hit The Gym
Studies show that pumping iron when you wake up can lead you to eat less throughout the day. Plus, everyone has more willpower in the morning since you haven't been worn out by everything else in your day, so pushing yourself to put on sneakers won't be as rough.

2. Get A Mani-Pedi
Last week, Kim Kardashian tweeted about her morning ritual, saying, "Up early. Mani-pedi time. Still half asleep." Turns out, the girl knows what she's doing. Experts say getting posh treatments like a massage or manis are ultra relaxing when your early-morning dream-like state hasn't worn off yet. So the next time you wake up a little groggy, don't fight it and rush over to the salon.

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3. Be Crafty
If you've been thinking about taking up painting, or finally going to that trendy new ceramics class, schedule it in the a.m. According to the experts, people are hyper-creative in the morning, making it the perfect time to get those artsy juices flowing.

4. Turn Up the Heat
Heat works wonders on your muscles in the morning (it helps warm them up for the rest of the day), while cooler temps should hit your limbs at night. If you're a fan of Bikram yoga or like to take steamy showers, save those treats for the early hours.

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5. Climb The Corporate Ladder
Studies have found that people can focus the most in the morning, and the ability to stay sharp fades throughout the day. If you're doing career planning-sending out resumes and sorting through job apps-kick off your day with those activities. You'll see less errors and more efficient work in the a.m. than you will at night.

6. Send A Tweet
Studies show that people are more optimistic in the morning, so send out some good vibes through social media. Your Facebook and Twitter feeds will make you look like a positive go-getter.

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7. Go On a Date
Experts recommend using the morning to socialize and make plans that your busy day might otherwise crowd out. So if you always get surprised by last-minute errands or work projects, try meeting friends or a new guy for breakfast. It'll put you in a great mood for the rest of the day.

Sources: Laura Vanderkam, author of What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast; Euphoria Day Spa NYC

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