How to Stop Sabotaging Your Career: Tara Sophia Mohr's Secrets to Success

This week on Secrets to Your Success, we talked with Tara Sophia Mohr, a dynamic woman who's life goal is to help each of us uncover our inner brilliance and finally get out of the way of our own career success.

Tara Sophia Mohr, expert on women's leadership and well-being, and author of 10 Rules for Brilliant Women.Tara Sophia Mohr, expert on women's leadership and well-being, and author of 10 Rules for Brilliant Women.If "sabotaging your own success" sounds familiar, you're not alone. We've all been guilty of it at some point in our lives.

How do we do it?

The biggest way, according to Tara, is listening to that negative inner voice that says 'I'm not ready' or 'it's not perfect yet'. News flash ladies, things will never be perfect!

Tara, an expert on women's leadership and well being, says too many women are keeping their bold ideas to themselves, thinking more research, refinement and hard work is required to perfect their ideas, only to discover that in the meantime someone else has stepped up to the plate and they have missed their opportunity to shine. If you want to end the career stagnation, stop waiting and start being bold.
Stop thinking you're not ready!Stop thinking you're not ready!
Not sure if you're making this mistake? To find out simply ask yourself this question, "Do I get jealous when other women are succeeding at work?" If the answer is yes, then you know it's time to stop resenting others for sharing their inner brilliance and time to start sharing your own.

So what's the best way to share that brilliance? In her workbook, '10 Rules for Brilliant Women', Tara tells women 'Don't wait for your Oscar'. She means, stop waiting for other people to ask your opinion or to tell you that your ideas are worthwhile. In any competitive workplace, leaders don't wait for permission or approval, instead they share their voice when it's requested, and when it's not.

You know this guy...You know this guy...Her next suggestion? 'Be an arrogant idiot'. We've all met that loud guy in the office who walks around sharing his often uninformed ideas as if they were sheer brilliance. Well, stop hating him and start acting more like him. Tara says that while brilliant women can never truly go all the way into the realm of the arrogant idiot, there are things they can learn from him. Such as speaking up before your ideas are fully formed, researched, fact checked, and focused grouped and having confidence in the way you present an idea to the team.

Finally, Tara says, imagine your wildest dream. Rather than simply trying to make life more bearable, ask yourself, "What makes me so blissfully happy that I feel guilty just thinking about it?"
Once you've identified your dream then go for it, and don't let anyone get in the way. Not even you!

Next up for Tara Sophia Mohr: The global Playing Big women's leadership program, which she founded to help women from all walks of life imagine their wildest dreams and make them a reality.

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