6 Reasons You Should Use Pinterest

undefinedEver heard of Pinterest? If not, you will soon. It is the fastest growing social network and is hot, hot, hot!

Basically, users create "boards" then "pin" interesting photos or videos to them. It is a very interesting and different type of social network. While the platform can be a major distraction, there are also great ways to leverage Pinterest for your business.

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Here are a couple of things I discovered:

  1. Drive traffic to your blog or videos by pinning images in your posts or the videos themselves. Once a user clicks on a "pin," the image is a link to your post or video. Note: be sure to have a license to use images if they are not yours. No one needs a copyright infringement lawsuit.
  2. Searchengineland.com did a great post on "How to Use Pinterest for Local SEO" and suggested that users create keyword-rich "about me" areas and board titlesRelat
  3. If your business is well represented by a Google Places business page, consider using that as the landing page for your profile instead of your web site - particularly if there are great reviews of your products and services located there.
  4. Make sure to use attractive images; Pinterest users are all about the visual.
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Overall, it's a fun, innovative network that businesses can definitely benefit from using. Keep in mind privacy concerns and be careful when sharing. Also, like any social network, Pinterest can tempt you to fall into the rabbit hole. Use an egg timer or a downloadable timer on your desktop to prevent you from wasting time.

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